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Nachfolgend eine Auswahl von Artikeln (ggf. aus verschiedenen Rubriken), die das Thema Englisch behandeln:

14.08.15 Rüdiger Haude:
Who are the "key stakeholders of the Energiewende in Germany"?
Concerning the "Who is who" of the German Federal Government
10.08.08 Wolf von Fabeck:
What is a Cost-Covering Feed-in Tariff for Renewable Energies
10.08.08 Wolf von Fabeck:
Energy Allowance Attenuates Unwanted Social Consequences of Energy Taxes
10.08.08 Wolf von Fabeck:
The German Association for the Promotion of Solar Power (SFV)
07.08.08 Guardian, BBC, New York Times: Newspaper Articles and TV Broadcasts:
Germany Sets Shining Example in Providing a Harvest for the World
Outstanding Achievement - the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
26.07.08 Al Gore :
Al Gore: A Generational Challenge to Repower America mit deutscher Übersetzung
Ansprache vom 17.07.2008 in der ehrwürdigen DAR Constitutional Hall, Washington D.C.
22.07.08 (überarbeitet, ursprünglich vom 16.07.07)
German Association for Promotion of Solar Power - Wolf von Fabeck:
Save the Climate - As quickly as possible! 100 Percent Renewable Energies
100 Percent! The environmental movement does not set its goals high enough
21.04.06 (überarbeitet, ursprünglich vom 29.04.01)
Wolf von Fabeck:
Full Cost Rates (FCR) for Solar Energy
The Aachen Model
21.11.05 Wolf von Fabeck:
Jobs and Social Justice - But How?
How unemployment arises and how it can be eliminated