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07.08.2008, Guardian, BBC, New York Times: Newspaper Articles and TV Broadcasts:

Germany Sets Shining Example in Providing a Harvest for the World

Outstanding Achievement - the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)

The Guardian newspaper (London, UK)
The Guardian newspaper (London, UK) gives an introduction into the cost covering feed-in tariff used in Germany to promote sources of renewable energy like photovoltaics and wind energy.

Germany's sunny revolution
On a bleak airfield 30km outside Leipzig in former East Germany, a quiet but sunny revolution is taking place, as BBC Radio 4 reports.

Payback Time
View Feed-In Tariffs Documentary broadcast on BBC World May 5 and 6 2007. Available as text with pictures and Quicktime movie.

In praise of ... feed-in tariffs
In the UK, both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats favour the introduction of a feed-in tariff scheme, but the government prefers to tinker with its much less effective Renewables Obligations.

German Expert Predicts US Solar Energy Boom,2144,3490071,00.html
The US might still lag behind in promoting alternative energies, but at least one German expert is convinced that this is bound to change in the very near future.

Germany Debates Subsidies for Solar Industry
The New York Times highlights the success story of solar power in Germany.

The coming energy revolution
Renewable energy technologies are now ready for use on a large scale and have the potential to meet world energy demand many times over. From Janet Sawin, Worldwatch Institute, Washington DC.

Photovoltaics (on Wikipedia)
Wikipedia article that gives details about how generating electricity from sun light works.

Feed-in Tariff (on Wikipedia)
General Explanation of feed-in tariffs.

International Herald Tribune :

Giant U.S. retailers look to sun for energy savings
If Wal-Mart eventually covered the roofs of all its Sam's Club and
Wal-Mart locations with solar panels, figures from the company show
that the resulting solar acreage would roughly equal the size of
Manhattan, an island of 23 square miles.

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